Summer Classes

Now offering Summer music Classes at my studio! Classes are 6 weeks in length and start dates vary. If you're interested or if you have any questions please feel free to contact me!  
Classes include:

Music Theory
Summer theory classes cover everything from basic music theory to more advanced topics and will provide a foundational understanding of music theory for anyone who wants to understand music better. (class size minimum of 3 students)*
*one 50 minute class meeting per week

This composition class offers an introduction to the art of music composition, from basic compositional principles to more advanced techniques. For the first week the class will encounter concepts and ideas to help guide them in composing. After that, each student will have a composition assignment each week and will share with the class and receive instructor feedback. (class size minimum of 3 students)*
*one 50 minute class meeting per week

Piano Proficiency Lessons
Piano proficiency training for instrumentalist, teachers or music majors who want to have better piano skills. (limited to 1 per class)